One of Pakistan’s fore-runners in the real estate construction and development industry, Country Builders and Developers has created an indelible mark in real estate development. We pride ourselves on being established as unparalleled in a highly competitive industry.

The company’s main objectives include working on property development and construction. Having worked on some of exceptional real estate projects in Pakistan, the company’s ideology lies in ditching the traditional architecture and moving forward towards great revolutionary concepts and designs. Our aim is to serve you in every possible way we can.

The mission of Country Builders and Developers is well defined. We aim to strategize, plan, design and create unique real estate concepts which suit our clients perfectly in terms of budget and design. We believe in utilizing our resources effectively to build and develop projects that last a lifetime.

At Country Builders and Developers we don’t just build projects, we build communities of neighbors, social, and business circles where people can live, play and work. We envision becoming the country’s top contender in real estate construction and development by setting benchmarks every single time that others look up to for inspiration for our array of real-estate, development and construction solutions.

Country Builders and Developers strongly believe in following core values of honesty, professionalism and giving back to society. We believe that organizations with strong values are more successful in the long run, hence we strictly follow the following beliefs.
1. Do the best you can, regardless of the size or scope of the project.
2. Never slack-off.
3. Be unique every, single time.
4. Develop and maintain strong relations with all customers.
5. Promise quality and then go ahead and deliver it.
6. Never stop learning.
7. Aim to build communities not construction projects.