Here are some of our many successful projects

An elegant and gorgeous apartment complex, located at Frere Town, Clifton, Karachi, offering lavish apartments, complimented by world-class facilities.

Uniquely designed apartment buildings, located at SUPARCO Road, Karachi, featuring super luxury apartments.

The pinnacle of high-end living, situated at Gulzar-e-Hijri, Karachi, offering world-class apartments with beautiful interior.

Designed and constructed to give the feel of a gated community, Country Comforts offers secured and luxurious lifestyle at Scheme 33, Karachi.

Featuring stupendous apartments, facilities par excellence and a breathtakingly beautiful façade, Country Courts is located at Frere Town, Karachi.

Maria Luxury Apartments

Located at Nagan Chowrangi, North Nazimabad, Karachi, Maria Luxury Apartments live up to their name, offering superb amenities and outclass residence.

Maria Homes

Offering homes that reflect the true meaning of comfort, Maria Homes is a top-notch residential project, located near Anda Mor Road, Karachi.

Maria Hill View

Yet, another residential marvel located at Anda Mor Road, Karachi, Maria Hill Views offers exceptional apartments at affordable prices.


Situated at Shadman Town, North Karachi, Evergreen apartments offer snug and content lifestyle in a bustling location.

  • Noor Centre – Our very first project, developed in 1978.
  • Maria Homes – Our project of 138 bungalows in Buffer Zone North Karachi developed in 1991.
  • Columbus Tower – Comprising of 108 Apartments & 260 Shops on Main Clifton Road Karachi, this was developed in 1993.
  • Maria Hill View – Constructed on an area of 425,000 square ft, showcasing 296 Apartments & 52 shops, Maria Hill View was developed in 1993 in North Karachi.
  • Maria Luxury Apartment – Situated at North Karachi, with a total area of construction equaling 971,000 square ft, this project developed in 1994 has 1056 Apartments.
  • Country Tower – Developed in 1996, and situated in North Karachi.
  • Evergreen Luxury Apartment – Built in 2002 on a construction area of 75,000 square ft it has 44 apartments, and is located in Buffer Zone North Karachi.
  • Country Terrace – With a 125,000 square ft area of construction and 93 apartments, this was developed in 2011 and is in Scheme 33, Gulzar-e-Hijri.
  • Country Apartment – Situated at Scheme 33, Gulzar-e-Hijri, on a construction area of 136,000 square ft, this was developed as 128 Apartments, in 2011.
  • Country Heights – On an area of 136,000 square ft in Scheme 33, Gulzar-e-Hijri, Country Heights’ 155 apartments were developed in 2011.
  • Country Classic – Developed in North Karachi in 2012 on 63,000 square ft as a project of 43 apartments.
  • Eleanor Apartments – With an area of 135,000 square ft in Frere Town covering 43 apartments, this project was completed in 2015.
  • Country Comforts: Developed in 2015 on a site equaling 130,000 square ft, the project located at Scheme 33, Gulzar-e-Hijri comprises of 192 apartments.